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Cocoa their promotion, cultural care and the chocolate

543x374xcacao cuba baracoa.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ZTxOufRZXOIn small plantations in the foothills of the Sierra Maestra farmers in the province of Santiago de Cuba they have developed for generations, the art of cultivating the finest varieties of criollo cocoa.
Experts agree on a basic reality: that of eastern Cuba is very tasty and fragrant chocolate and domestic uses one hundred percent of this fermented, sun-dried and processed, using the latest technology.
This marriage of art and science come only chocolates that redefine the standards of excellence, even as strong export item for the country.
One exceptional begins on earth, it requires the wisdom of man and a long journey from the plantation to the factory to convert a handful of grains in an exquisite candy bar or chocolate.
With a very suggestive name Theobroma cacao or food of the gods, it is made from the beans of a beautiful tropical plant that grows in warm and humid places guarded by tall trees.
Santiago de Cuba province is the second largest producer of that line in the nation and larger crops are those of the mountainous municipality of Tercer Frente, but also exist in Guama, Palma Soriano and Songo-La Maya.
Leonel Sanchez, deputy representative of the Agriculture in the territory specified that farmers and state companies spend almost 400 hectares (h) promoting cultivation with demonstrative in other localities as a Second Front, San Luis, Mella and Boatswain plots.
In the hills of Third Front, particularly in Los Lajiales and Tangerine, they are the largest plantations and is the largest farm Jibarera attended by members of the Youth Labor Army (WCY).
Against this background, since last year they undertake a program Cacaotero Development until 2020, which aims to increase annual production and grow to 700 hectares cultivation, and thereby increase production of 38.9 tons (t) to 324 on that date.
If this objective is met, revenue from exports increase, collected economic interest in the Guideline 194 of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution, with a view to export and import substitution.
Through the Ministry of Agriculture was planned with the scientific centers intervention for renewal of plantations and the training of farmers, besides providing credit, among others.
Charity Ge, head of production at the Agroforestal Company Third Front, said that among the advantages of cocoa include two harvests per year, unlike coffee, but the aroma and flavor of the fruit varies depending on the sector where it is planted.
According to the techniques for cultivation, planting space between each plant should be four meters on sloping ground; the newly planted cacao plantation needs temporary shade for growing plants is permanent sun protection.
Then highlights the importance of fertilization with a trend toward natural now, using organic fertilizer and compost uplifting results; with pruning six months, maintenance, and rehabilitation phytosanitary actions on trees that have completed their production cycle.
Among the cultural care are essential, too, clean, management, sanitation and pest control because these rodents affect the cob crop.
Caridad Ge also reported having 60 individual cocoa producers integrated three cooperatives in Jibarera, Philae and Arm Escondido, all in intricate areas of the Turquino Plan, plus a specialized 73 h and the WCY unit, the largest area.
Since 2015 with price increases (as the first, second and third) delivery he was stimulated; in 2016, of the 40 t harvest in the cold and have more than 65 t, so they re-signed with the industry in Baracoa, Guantanamo province, where they process all of the eastern region.
Once the plantation owners deliver the pulp for profit, a specialized pulping process the grain selected and classified to sell to the industry.
Cocoa to chocolate means condition the grain, according to the requirements of cultivation, and processing to fix flavor and aroma of a fruit that, according to the literature, locates its origins in tropical lands of South America.
Studies on cocoa relate their properties, as long as consumption is not excessive, with respect to cardiovascular, emotional issues, as well as being an antioxidant and used for therapeutic purposes.

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