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The dancing queen is in Santiago de Cuba

Jara al centro junto a su madre AlinaJara to the center with her mother AlinaHa few days ago, Santiago Jara Garcia and her partner Osmany, from Holguín, won the first edition of the television space Bailando in Cuba. Of course they were cheerful, proud, satisfied ... The couple was awarded a three-month scholarship at a music academy and shows in Milan, Italy. They also gave them medals and the trophy of absolute winners. And the public distinguished them with very sincere applause. In short, so young and already are kings because they took the crown of the contest.
This Saturday, March 25, almost at noon, what do we find in the house of the grandparents of Jara, in the Sueño division, half a block from Avenida de Céspedes, in the city of Santiago de Cuba?
We found Jara, a 17-year-old female student of the second year of the National School of Dance, an ex-member of synchronized swim teams ... and an accomplished dancer.
But more than the previous we met a smiling little person, extremely friendly and very affectionate, surrounded by little friends and friends, neighbors and relatives, some closer others less close but all with the enthusiasm to greet the Queen of the Dance.
We hope that the girl, always communicative and complacent, will fill colored postcards with the image of her and Osmany. He dedicated them, signed them and made them smile.
The Queen of the Dance next to her sister We promised to occupy him only minutes in the inner courtyard of the house, because inside it was literally impossible to speak, by the audio in the room and the portal, that reproduced the final night of "Dancing in Cuba".
Do you like Spanish dancing?
I really like all kinds of dancing; I would like to learn also, those that I have not yet mastered.
If you choose to choose between Cuban music and dancing and reggaeton, which one do you prefer?
Look, you know what I would do: I would integrate them all, without discrimination. It would make like a "soup" and would throw them all there, you know why? Because I think that all together they would give strength to the art, the Cuban dance; It would be very "rich", because when you use music, dance, use the Cuban flavor you conclude that you should not remove any genre, but include them all.
It made the event easy or difficult
It was actually quite complex. I had to sacrifice a lot a lot ... Look ... it was a very tough competition. But when one strives and draws a goal, and one strives with will for it, one triumphs.
What do you know about school in Milan?
I do not know much. We still have to meet with the ICRT to see what date they will put us; What comes to us better. There I have pointed out and saved elements of that school. I can bring them to you.
Were you born here in Santiago de Cuba?
I was born in Spain but I grew up here in Santiago ... I came from chiquitica.

Jara a la izquierdaWhere in Spain were you born?
In Madrid.
And your little sister, Marta, what?
My sister Marta is a bitch. He is very intelligent. He likes science but in his free time enjoys music, dance ... he likes dancing as much as he does me.
So you did not know the Holguin man, Osmany?
No, I did not know him. I saw him there for the first time.
So that is a rule of the contest: they put the couple.
Yes. You come and say: this is your partner, wait. Then when I arrived I said "You are my partner". We talk a little bit ... what you call yourself, what you like most about dance, what dance characterizes you, with what style. We got to know each other little by little until we made a very solid duet ... a duo who understood each other perfectly.
He is professional
Yes, he graduated in Holguin. He studied at the company Co-dance and then went to Havana, to the television ballet.
What do you think of the jury?
Great people, very professional. His advice, his directions were like classes. It could not be better, because they gave us security. One always says it in an interview but we must reiterate: we all owe a lot to that team of people, the choreographers in particular, the Jury ... they prepared us well.
The jury of Bailando in Cuba, of which Jara spoke with such passion, showed the reach of its members: Lizt Alfonso, Santiago Alfonso and Susana Pous, and according to the review by the journalist Paquita Armas Fonseca respectively said about the competition:
"... we have all won: the dancers, the artistic-technical team that makes possible the magic of staging the show every Sunday, the juries, and especially the public that enjoys at home. We are all being rewarded. "
"... It is very interesting what has happened with Bailando ..., which has had the virtue of arousing public interest and has put the dance on the table, and the Cuban people to enjoy it"
"... It seemed to me a very interesting and important challenge for someone like me, because it means that I am considered part of the professional dance cast in Cuba ... Dancing ... I opened the doors to new spectators, to know me as a person and an artist

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