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Let's take care of their smile

Dia de la Infancia Santiago de Cuba 5There they are behind the racket ... Run, throw the ball against the wall, screams, play to be big, fill the walls of dreams and fantasies with the colors of crayons.
There you are asking everything, even what you never thought you could have answers: the color of the sun, the name of the days, the existence of the stars, if in the sky where your pet is can live, what it is up there. ..Dia de la Infancia Santiago de Cuba 3
No one like them to love, their mashed kisses are the antidote to sorrows or worries, their little eyes never lie and their heart is designed to forgive.
Only these little ones to offer the most sincere friendship without asking wages, nor origin, nor religions, nor political affiliation .Dia de la Infancia Santiago de Cuba 0
Children discover a world from the most sublime, their dreams of today will be their present tomorrow. The habits that are instilled today will be your adult qualities.Dia de la Infancia Santiago de Cuba e
It is up to us to grow up with a smile on our faces, without trauma or bad memories. It is the best stage of life, protect it with love.
Let us take care of that stage of life, the best of all, and the guarantee of what happens to them.

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