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Temer Paid 200 Million for Aecio Neves Salvation

temer1Brasilia, Oct 18 (Prensa Latina) Brazilian President Michel Temer ''spent more than saliva'' to save the mandate of Senator Aécio Neves, authorizing 200 million reais (US $ 63 million) in budget amendments, announced today the UOL news website.
The figure was revealed in a commentary posted on Josiah's blog, according to which Temer now expects that the leader of the Brazilian Social Democracy (PSDB) party and former presidential candidate defeated in 2014 will reward him by helping him in the Chamber of Deputies, where a second complaint is filed against him.

Aécio, recalled the blogger, helped organize the funeral of the first accusation for passive corruption, and Planalto now expects to 'help much more at the second funeral,' when the president is accused of leading a criminal organization and obstructing justice.

The commentary cites as an example the change of position of Senators Simone Tebet and Waldemir Moka, of the ruling party of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (PMDB), and Pedro Chaves, of the Social Christian Party (PSC), who privately said they would vote in favor of the separation of Neves and after the 'budgetary appeal' they voted NO.

He also mentions the active role played by Romero Jucá (PMDB), who convalescent from a surgical intervention appeared in the plenary to help demonstrate to the Allies that there were 'millions of reasons' to help Aécio.

On the eve, by a majority of votes, the Federal Senate save the 'Tucano' leader again, accused by the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) of corruption and obstruction of justice.

The 'Tucano' leader, one of the architects of the impeachment process against constitutional president Dilma Rousseff, had already been temporarily removed from his legislative functions last June after Batista's accusation was announced.

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