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Tribute Paid to Septeto Santiaguero in Santiago de Cuba

septetosguero'La Cancion de la Trova' (The Song of Trova), the most recent video clip recorded by Septeto Santiaguero as part of their CD and DVD called 'Raiz' (Root) was premiered in Casa de La Trova .

A few days from departing to the US for a tour on 16 US cities in their fourth tour in the US this year, the members of the group shared moments with the filmmakers of the clip, which was filmed almost totally in an environment in which the faces of old singers put a note of nostalgia.

The director of the musical group, Fernando Dewar, recognized the quality of the song, recorded by young people from LCA Audiovisuales, showing their professionalism and competence to promote the artists of Santiago de Cuba.

Composer Rodulfo Vaillant, president of the Union of Writers and Artists in this province, expressed his emotion on having seen these images that brought him back to Sindo Garay, Ñico Saquito, Miguel Matamoros, Emiliano Blez, Angel and Alejandro Almenares and others whom he personally met in Casa de la Trova, precisely.

The musicians announced next presentations in the central city of Cienfuegos until they are able to organize a first tour along the whole Cuba, which is one of their wishes, after reaching fame in Europe, the United States and other important places in the world.

The near summer tour of the group, a winner of the Latin Granmy Award in 2015 with the CD 'No Quiero Llanto.- Tribute to Los Compadres' will be spread between next July 19 and August 12 to promote their 9th phonogram, with the patronage of the Cuban discographic firm Egrem and of the company Freshen Up Arts, of Texas.

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