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The 2nd Hugo Chavez Colloquium Supports the Venezuelan Cause

The 2nd Hugo Chavez Colloquium Supports the Venezuelan Cause The 2nd Hugo Chavez Frias International Colloquium concluded in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba with a declaration in support of the cause of the Venezuelan people with the need in preserving the legacy of the eternal leader of the Bolivarian Revolution.

While reading the document, the representative of the Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), Alexis Guerra Rojas highlighted their firm decision to support the sister nation, currently fighting for its Constituent Assembly while confronting economic and media war imposed by the opposition and continue constructing its social model in favor of the Venezuelan people.

During the day's event, the Hugo Chavez Frias Recognition was granted to four groups for its contribution in preserving the revolutionary thinking, social, philosophical, human and loyal ideas of Simon Bolivar.

The entities were; the Dossier Program of Venezuelan Television, PDVSA-Cuba, the Hugo Chavez Frias Department of the Dentistry School in Santiago de Cuba and the specialized Hugo Chavez Frias Classroom of the Humanities Department of the University of Oriente.

The delegate of the colloquium, Reinaldo Rojas expressed support of the declaration of the Cuban revolutionary government in response to US President Donald Trump's speech last June 16th expressing his intentions in returning to the Cold War with measures that will reinforce Washington's policies against Cuba, reflecting a setback in relations with the island and hurting both peoples.

During the three-day event, two conferences were held; a panel and 18 works were discussed on the influence of Hugo Chavez in the fight for a better world, his mobilization and communications capacity in his speeches in favor of unity in his country and sisterhood between Cuba and Venezuela and its eternal leaders.

The representative of the Venezuelan doctors that are doing their residency in Santiago de Cuba, Nelson Araujo told ACN that the colloquium is a chance for the people of Latin America to express their support of the ideas of Chavez and perpetuate his memory and historic legacy into actions.

The ICAP representative in the province, Juan Carlos Vaillant thanked the presence of the Cuban and Venezuelan participants to the event that gathered researchers, admirers and followers of the ideas of Cuba's best friend that is present more than ever in the hearts of the peoples.

The 3rd Colloquium will be held from March 3rd to the 5th in 2018 on the 5th anniversary of the passing away of the Bolivarian leader, the 2nd anniversary of the physical disappearance of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and the 14 th of the creation by the two leaders of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America.

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