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Feast of Fire wraps up in Santiago de Cuba

tributo a la rebeldc3ada esclava santiago de cuba1With the traditional Quema del Diablo (burning of the Devil), the Caribbean Festival (Feast of Fire) came to an end in the eastern Cuban city of Santiago this Sunday.

This year the Festival had Bonaire, island of the Netherlands Antilles, as  the Guest of honor country.

The last day began at the Dolores Square from which the colorful Parade of Fire departed, which continued on the central Aguilera Street and concluded on Paseo La Alameda, where a large doll, representing Lucifer, was burned in allegory to clear the ways for the next Feast of Fire, which will be dedicated to the sister island of Puerto Rico.

As every year, a large crowd went to the surroundings of La Alameda to see the symbol of the evil being burnt, and also to attract good omens for the city.

Since July 3, this eastern city hosted more than 700 national and foreign delegates in the festivities, which also had the participation of more than 200 people from Bonaire interested in showing their culture and traditions through various artistic manifestations, among which music and dance stood up.

Colloquiums, shows of musical bands, magical-religious ceremonies, workshops, plastic exhibitions and book presentations, among other activities, took place at the festival, considered one of the most important popular and traditional cultural events in the area as well as an instrument of decolonization and cultural resistance.

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