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Who we are?


Digital newspaper Sierra Maestra. Electronic version of the newspaper Sierra Maestra that was created in 1998 based on an ambitious project, supported by MEGACEN a leader in the field of Science and Technology in Santiago de Cuba entity.

The Sierra Maestra in print was founded on September 7, 1957 in hiding to spread the struggle of the revolutionary movement against the tyranny of the dictator Fulgencio Batista.

With the triumph of the Revolution on January 1, 1959, it became the official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba Committee in the province of Santiago de Cuba.


In its printed form, the Sierra Maestra maintains eight pages of information on three court of opinion, two dedicated to large works, one culture and another sport.

Besides the weekly for its extensive links with the University of East and permanent professional training of students pursuing careers in humanities and social profile contribution.
Editorial work

Team of journalists have highly qualified professionals, always ready to seeking what is truly news in the political, economic and social events of this important region of eastern Cuba.

Reaching more than 4000 readers receiving information last hour daily. Every day more than 12,000 discharges occur from its website reaching more than 15,000 at specific days.

With more than 110,000 page views per month, a figure that is increasing gradually, we intend to become one of the most visited website dedicated to present in Cuba.
New technology

With the new version of its digital site, the Sierra Maestra Newspaper Santiago de Cuba it is more committed to reflect the daily lives of its readers accurate and dynamically.

The site has dynamic technical tools that allow you to keep up with the issues of its kind on the Internet, access to other sites of the national press and social networks on a platform joomla 5.2.27.

The initiative provides faster navigation in finding the events of Santiago on social issues, sports and culture, economy, agriculture, among others, updating of its contents and a version in English, and the need for journalism every day it looks more to the people and its role in the constitution of society, deepen research to ensure the quality and accuracy in publications.

The permanent improvement of the professional of the word, mainly on economic issues that raise culture and provide precise guidance to understand the current processes confronting the world and the Cuban reality.

Sierra Maestra Newspaper/ E-mail: / Director: Lic. Olga E. Thaureaux Puertas/ Digital Department: Lic. Clara Gayoso Giro, MSc. Arnaldo Clavel Carmenaty / Translator: Lic. Leyden Figueredo Portuondo / Webmaster: Ing. Alberto Elers Pérez /Copyright ©. All rights reserved. We authorize the reproduction of works of this site, provided it is done entirely and the source is acknowledged

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